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Scott Weinstock has deep roots in the produce industry. As a child his dad, who was a produce buyer for a major grocery store chain, brought him to the Washington Street Market in New York as well as the Hunts Point Auction. By the age of 12 he was loading trucks and learning about produce. On the weekends as a teenager, Scott sold produce at the flea market.

After finishing school, he started out as an inspector of vegetables in Arizona and a truck broker. He decided to move back home to New Jersey and take a job with H. Schell & Co., a major importer/exporter in New York, as a salesman. He worked there for 4 years before he was hired by Jac. Vandenberg Inc., another importer/exporter, as a salesman but with the added responsibility of coordinating inventory and trucking.

After a few years, he was hired by Fisher Bros. Inc., an importer from Canada, to assist in the marketing of the Chilean fruit season. After a few years, Scott and a partner opened a produce brokerage firm which was doing very well but Scott still had a dream of building his own company from scratch.

He sold his interest in the partnership and Regal Marketing, Inc. was born in 1985. RMI started as a one-man operation and has grown steadily to include the great team it has today.

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