. Regal Marketing

Regal Marketing Inc. is able to offer summer fruit in the winter time and access off-season fruit year round. Besides handling domestic produce, we handle produce from Central and South America, the Caribbean, Canada, Europe, Asia, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
Asian Pears
Late arrivals of Shinko variety Asian pears will be on the East Coast the last week of July. Call for pricing and availability.

Brazilian Mangos
By mid August we will have our first arrivals of gorgeous high color Tommy Atkins mangos.

Argentine Packhams
Packhams are in plenty supply and there are deals to be had. The fruit is hard, firm and green. The fruit needs to move.

Chilean Kiwi
Not Available
Chilean Kiwi market is at an all time low. By the end of the month the market will swing upward. The fruit is past peak arrivals. Flats available in our "Regal Box". See the picture below.
Click to enlarge Spanish Lemons are a year round program. The arrivals have been coming in steadily with choice and fancy fruit available. Pictured are the Choice Lemons. We have two package configurations: 17 kg cardboard telescopic box a15 kg wood box. Small fruit is in plenty supply and good deals are available. Call for pricing and size availability.
Regal Kiwi Flat Box
Click to enlarge A Regal Marketing exclusive for Kiwi Flats! The royal blue cardboard flat has the distinquished look of imperial quality. Available for kiwi flat counts 33 - 39.
Congratulations Regal Marketing!
  Blue Book Services awarded Regal Marketing the Merit Badge of Honor for 10 consecutive years of exceptional trading performance. Way to go Regal!!